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Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

Sep 15, 2021

Today I talk with Matthew Ferry.  Matthew is a long time and prominent coach to Wall Street folks, Fortune 500 CEOs and he even coaches someone in the royal family but, he doesnt divulge names which I can so very much appreciate.


I bring Matthew on to talk about his brand of goal setting which he calls enlightened goal setting.  Its a term which he has probably coined and I suggest you drop any preconceived notions about what it is and whether it will work for you.


The reason why Matthew coaches people at such a high level is that successful people gain mastery in the basics, time management, goal setting, delegation, etc. but, often its when we reach all or most of our goals in life we become stagnant not knowing how to break through to the next level.  Sometimes we cant even envision a next level and we can feel stuck, stagnant and sometimes having the outward appearance of massive success but, on the inside feel like frauds--I certainly have felt like that at many points in my life and career.  Most of the times I have felt like that its been because money alone has stopped being my primary driver.


Its in those times that I need to stop and find a higher purpose---I need to find something larger than myself to aim toward.  Heres my conversation with matthew Ferry.

Download his free workbook here