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Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

Apr 26, 2021

This is a wobbly market and our way ahead is still uncertain from an economic perspective.  Wall street is getting a little more nervous  as inflation heats up and the biden administration today has proposed increasing capital gains which will be a forcing function to encourage wealthy people to move cash into tax deferred investment vehicles and there are agencies like the consumer finance bureau that are calling for a continued moratorium on rent and mortgages----all of this points to continued pressure on inventory.

If that's the case there will be more qualified agents competing for the same amount of inventory.  How do you get ahead or differentiate yourself?  I brought on the CEO of BombBomb to talk about how what he thinks is the most compelling way to do this.

A quick note---I say it all the time---the best way to get listings is to reach them at the point where they intend to sell and the best way to do this is radio advertising.  I love the new stuff you can do with fb advertising and funnel building but, there is nothing better than radio to dump ready to list homeowners than with radio.  If you want to know more goto and fill out the getting started sheet.