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Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

Jun 8, 2021

Hey everyone--- today on the show I have Greg McDaniel.  Greg has run large teams in the bay area and he has a podcast named real estate uncensored.  


Ive spent a fair amount of time talking with Greg and I enjoy listening to his ideas on how to build a business.  He has a unique and straight forward approach to listing and selling houses and wanted to have greg on as this economy opens up.  


Theres no question that real estate is on the minds of most people in business as its a very direct indicator of a healthy market.  For the last year there has been a large push upward on prices and equity.  By all measures the upward thrust in price appreciation has been largely artificial.  Artificial in the sense that halting foreclosures and evictions has put a stranglehold on inventory.  This stranglehold is set to release very soon and it will be interesting to see what happens.  It may break loose all of the sudden or it may come on gradually.  It really doesnt matter----all that matters is that A)  Its going to break loose in a matter of months and B) that you have positioned yourself to take advantage of the inevitable onslaught once it happens