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Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

Apr 13, 2021

Let me share a few thoughts before we get to the episode.  one of the things to note about the current climate is the lack of inventory in every metro market in the united states.  I just read that there are now two licensed realtors for each home listed.  Those are unreal numbers and we need to consider the implications of the data.  The average shelf life of an agent is 18 months-----career start to finish a year and a half---those agents that do make it will only sell an average of 8 to 12 sides a year most of them on the buy side.


With super constricted inventory will we see that drop-----maybe the average agent will do 4-6 sides.  If that happens we will most likely see the shelf life shrink to less than a year ----maybe?  Will this give rise to larger teams or more teams in general?  One thing is for certain the middle is shrinking----there will be a divide of those crushing it and the rest just scraping by.  


That story is just taking shape.  Will you be one of the crushers or will you get crushed?  The differentiator will be who has the best way to reach the most people at the cheapest cost per person.  For the last 10 years the people that crush it are on radio.  If you want to know more about what radio can do in your market go to  fill out the getting started sheet