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Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

Jan 20, 2021

Last week we heard from a coach that focuses on helping people break down small barriers that have large scale effects.  Today we are going to hear from a team owner--his name is aaron rian   Aaron has a very successful sales focused business.  I wanted to find out from him how he coaches his agents and how he gets his agents to become top producers.  I wont give anything away here except to share that he focuses on an agents built in talents and already developed sense of direction and discipline.  As you listen to this I would encourage you to ask yourself how you would perform in a very sales focused environment.  


If I ask 100 agents what their biggest challenge is 90 of them would say that if they just had enough good leads they would be making a million dollars.  That may be true from some of us but, the reality is that most people just havent developed the sales skills necessary to be an actual closer.  Im talking alec baldwin “coffee is for closers” level.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with aaron