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Before we get to the show-----there are a few things that have been on my mind. Why do some people get rich in real estate and why others just have a job----maybe they are thriving --maybe they are just surviving.

There are two things when it comes to real estate that matters and sadly--these two things many times get forgotten or just never spoken about.  The first is this-----business is a game of margins---not about production. Too many times in this industry-----people strive to sell 100 units or to make 1 Million in GCI and at many brokers (Im not going to name names) it is those people that get into the exclusive masterminds--those are the people that get on stage to tell others how they did it.  They wont tell you that they spent 800,000 dollars to make that 1 Million GCI. They will stand on stage and accept the award. Aftwer the ceremony---people will buy them drinks and ask how they did it. I don’t care what your Gross income is---I want to know what your net income is---how much did you put in the bank? Business is a game of margins--not about production.  

I see a lot of entrepreneurs get into business and they are working it----- but, after some time---2, 3 or 4 years those entrepreneurs forgot why they are in business in the first place.  When I ask people “why are you an entrepreneur?” Most of the time I hear things like--I want more happiness. I want more security. I want more free time. However, when I look at what they have built or how they have built it---------I rarely see the design in place for happiness, security or more free time.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs that are successful on the outside but, miserable on the inside.  They might be “successful” but, they dont own their own time. They are ignoring the “passive income” pillar.  True wealth is owning your time and getting to do what you want to do.

I am very soon going to release what I plan on doing for 2019 and it involves building a passive income pipeline and helping others build their own passive income pipeline while they build their regular real estate business.  I am putting together a short list of people that want to be a part of my national team. I am looking for motivated people that want to change the way real estate is done. I have some pretty big ideas around mentorship, training and lead generation.  Send me an email if you would like to be considered.

OK---lets get to the show----oh by  the way---I think I might do an expanded email on the income types and how to get leverage so stay on the lookout.


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